Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mafia Man

Sketch of the day, scanned a day late... I'm so rubbish sometimes. The drawing is nice though. Love his shoes!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Morning Sketch... project... maybe...

So I was up crazy early this morning so I decided to use the extra time productively. After the last Art Test Sketch I realised how rusty my figure / character work was so I'm thinking the early mornings should become a regular thing as a dedicated practice period. Gets me using pencils more often and hopefully will boost my anatomy skills and character design.

This morning I ended up with the following sketch. Initially I was going to do a sci-fi Master Chief style illustration but while I was looking up some references for various armour types I saw the Samurai images and settled on this awesome look. Gets me out the comfort zone of sci-fi imagery too which is a good think me thinks..

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Art Test

Quick sketch, of a Amazon lady in action pose. Did this as an art test for a job application. It had to be in pencil and B&W. Havent used a pencil in ages but this was great fun. I hope I get the job.

Monday, 11 April 2011


So here is a model of a fly. Part of a bigger project with Nice Monster
The fly I am now affectionately calling Jeff for obvious reasons. I want him to look black and mean! I've seen some fantastic Fly sculpts around since I started this which makes me want to start again quite badly actually but I will plough on with my Jeff. I'm most happy with the eyes they look both buggy and scary so thats a win. Heres some piccys!

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Sky At Night

Working with Chris Randall at Second Home Studios and Steven Spencer of Nicemonster I have been working on the new intro for the BBC show The Sky At Night. This is obviously a fantastic project to be involved in as I'm a great fan of the show and Sir Patrick Moore who I have loved even as a giant alien/android head in Games Master back in the day. So apart from being able to be loosely affiliated with a personal hero it's also my first chance working on a project that will be on TV. HOORAY!

I worked mainly as a texture artist on the project and between myself and Mr Spencer I think we came up with some pretty nifty planet texturing techniques. Obviously working on a model of the solar system was a dream come true or a Sci-Fi nerd like myself and I have to say the project was fantastic to be involved with, which will hopefully come across in the all important 30 seconds of animation!

Check out the Nice Monster and Second Home websites (links above) for a preview of the intro or simply tune into the show via your TV or iplayer...

London Scifi 48

OMG what a night!
A few days ago I had an email sent to me asking if I would be interested in helping out on a film production team. This was no ordinary film project however...

The film was being entered into a competition described as the Sc-Fi-London 48 hour challenge.
As you can kind of gather the whole film has to be written shot and edited in 48 Hours on 0 provided budget. The film crew who I was helping out were Film Division and last night was Sunday night and I just didn't go home. Crazy amounts of coffee were poured down necks and eventually at around 7 in the morning I finally went home. Sleeping is something I would love to do now but instead my phone keeps waking me up so I thought this quick blog would be a good way of waking my self up!

Check out the animated shot that was matte painted pretty quickly with this link ANIMATION