Saturday, 20 August 2011

1999 to 2007

While visiting my parents last weekend I went on the hunt for all my old sketchbooks that I used to keep. Luckily my mum had actually kept them all tucked away in a cupboard. I started going through and thought I should make a blog post with some excerpts of my artwork from as early as I could find.

It's always interesting to look back on old stuff to see what sort of progress you've made and obviously looking back this far (some of this was done when I was about 14) is real eye opener.

1998 /1999 (13 / 14 years old) dodgy anime faze....

The old fella was an English teacher which is the way I managed to work out when I actually did this. I kind of discovered anime for myself before it became crazy fashionable and watched all the great classics like Ghost In the Shell and Akira via the midnight screenings on the Sci-Fi channel. My parents thought I was weird but it was pretty cool feeling like I'd stumbled upon something going underneath most peoples radar.

2004 (A levels..... omg how I hated them)
Also the anime obsession had given way to a Jeff Buckley obsession hence the various portraits of the man that tend to pop up. Seems like I was finally getting a grasp on certain elements of my anatomy. I guess it was at this point I started doing some actual observational based studies.

2005 (Art college. The best year of education I've ever had) During this period I really started experimenting with all sorts of image making techniques and also went to compulsory life-study classes which where sooooo useful. In fact I would love to do some more in the near future to top up my human form skills. Always had the same model though... Patrick, I can still see his naked body if I close my eyes...

Home-made paints, crushed berries, roasted canvases, ink drawing, brushes on meter long sticks and sketches of Birmingham city centre, these are the bits I remember most.

2007 (university visual communication) I had a bit of a crisis of confidence at University and decided to study up on the course for a career more based in Graphic Design (selling out no?.. lol). By the time the third year came along I knew illustration was the only way for me. Anything else was just going against the grain. This was also when I first picked up a graphics tablet and began using digital paints. I haven't really looked back since. Although I do miss the mess you get in with a load of traditional media.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nice Monster Crew

So in these last few days before I start my new Concept Artist position at Playground Games I'm working with Mr Steven Spencer and Nixon Leung on a new commission. The brief is to create a trio of cool characters that will present a series of how to videos on the subject of film making. Currently were going through the process of concepting the characters and find the right visual language for the task. Here is a big splurge of sketches and models that have been batted around thus far!

OH! and Daniel Tarrant thanks for the inspiration on the t-shirt!