Friday, 3 June 2011

Ancient Aliens

I keep reading too much stuff about 2012 and Aliens. Above Top Secret is one those sites that you can't stop exploring once you read your first crazy alien thread. In fact I've been reading so much that it's been leaking into my dreams (they were quite nasty too).

Back to the point of this post... There is a theory that humans were actually the result of a genetic engineering of some Neanderthal type creature and Alien DNA. The Aliens did this for reasons that people have theorised over. Slaves or just plan curiosity are the two main contenders. Apparently there is a very early civilisation called the Sumerians who used to inhabit what is now modern Iraq. They are the earliest known advanced human civilisation to be discovered so far. In their texts (made up of combinations of triangles) they describe scenes of gods descending from the sky in craft and impregnating the women creating half breeds that became kings etc etc. Its all very exciting.

These gods, many now interpret as Aliens. This being based on a few things including the Sumerian's eerily accurate knowledge of our solar system including planets only discovered by modern scientists in the 1940s not to mention they had a sun in the centre of their diagrams. I believe European Christians went around hanging people for spouting such heresy...

Imagine that though. An early civilisation brought about by alien intervention, that, for a brief time interacted with each other and formed the first signs of human culture.

Oh and BTW the 2012 thing supposedly has something to do with these folks doing a return trip...

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