Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BFG and Paris

I have been drawing up some concept sketches for the New Nice Monster project. With out giving away the game plan here is the sketches in question. The BFG from Roald Dahl's book. It's a tricky one as I want this to be true to Roald's description but at the same time look unique from previous designs from the famous animation and Blake's original illustration. I wanted to capture a more surly feel to the BFG's character as I always thought he came across that way in the text. Obviously he needs to be lovable too. Nice giant not just a nice guy, is the best way to sum up this challenge

As well as the BFG I'm carrying on a painting that has been begging for re-visit for a while. A long time ago I explored the idea of 60s redevelopment if it had hit Paris the same way it hit poor Coventry (BTW no disrespect I love Coventry and may the Tin Angel rest in peace) There were a few paintings and models that really worked. This was one of them but it always felt like it needed a boost in certain areas. So consider this still a work in progress.

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