Monday, 4 April 2011

The Sky At Night

Working with Chris Randall at Second Home Studios and Steven Spencer of Nicemonster I have been working on the new intro for the BBC show The Sky At Night. This is obviously a fantastic project to be involved in as I'm a great fan of the show and Sir Patrick Moore who I have loved even as a giant alien/android head in Games Master back in the day. So apart from being able to be loosely affiliated with a personal hero it's also my first chance working on a project that will be on TV. HOORAY!

I worked mainly as a texture artist on the project and between myself and Mr Spencer I think we came up with some pretty nifty planet texturing techniques. Obviously working on a model of the solar system was a dream come true or a Sci-Fi nerd like myself and I have to say the project was fantastic to be involved with, which will hopefully come across in the all important 30 seconds of animation!

Check out the Nice Monster and Second Home websites (links above) for a preview of the intro or simply tune into the show via your TV or iplayer...

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