Monday, 4 April 2011

London Scifi 48

OMG what a night!
A few days ago I had an email sent to me asking if I would be interested in helping out on a film production team. This was no ordinary film project however...

The film was being entered into a competition described as the Sc-Fi-London 48 hour challenge.
As you can kind of gather the whole film has to be written shot and edited in 48 Hours on 0 provided budget. The film crew who I was helping out were Film Division and last night was Sunday night and I just didn't go home. Crazy amounts of coffee were poured down necks and eventually at around 7 in the morning I finally went home. Sleeping is something I would love to do now but instead my phone keeps waking me up so I thought this quick blog would be a good way of waking my self up!

Check out the animated shot that was matte painted pretty quickly with this link ANIMATION

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