Thursday, 10 March 2011

Painting Splurdge

I love playing with paint and now I have this fancy Artrage thing I don't have to clean up afterwards which is awesome. There is something about scraping a knife through paint...

(Sky Pram)GIF concept. this film will be made!

3D bits.

Zbrush portraits. I will do these of anyone who doesnt mind paying a comission fee btw. The Nicemonster crew got theirs for free.

Created with Zbrush and 3Dsmax.
The coffee in the coffee cup also makes me smile just because I thought it would difficult to do but was like really easy. Look at how shiny his shoes are too!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Painting

Artrage! Its amazing! I've been hearing about it for a while and knew I should be getting on board with the software but was always put off by my experiences with Corel which I've just never gotten on with. As a way of really exploring what the new tool set could do I worked on finishing an image that I have been painting in my spare time. The results are below...

Finding that balance between displaying a concept clearly and exploring those exciting illustrative marks has always been the balancing act for me and I think this new digital paint simulation tech is a great way to bring the two together. It's not a Photoshop replacement though.... yet.

Still work in progress but looking sweet.