Tuesday, 21 December 2010

BEST almost nearly very close to being finished almost...

Long time no post...

So the film is almost done and like a bear that has been hibernating over winter I'm venturing out back into the non CG world again. With me though I'm bringing a mass of cool stuff from the production process to hopefully delight peoples eyes with!

original reference and concept model for the Best family living room. Note the sliding glass door... very important.

Animated still: The all important door looks pretty sweet in the shot and dispite the crazy render times definatley worth it. Also note the small matte painted light switch on the wall next to the door.

On the subject of matte paintings. It's not always light switches. Below is an example of a fairly extensive detail pass added via digital painting. Makes a good spot the difference. This process was used to address composition issues in shots and as a way to give an injection of detail into areas that were begging for it.

This was one of the heaveyer uses of matte painting. The exterior shot of the Manchester United stadium. Adding atmosphere was the key part of the task which is often where hand drawn techniques produce the goods compared to pure 3D in the same time span.