Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Gaming Concept

I've been working on a submission for Game developer who have given me a pretty groovy brief:
A middle management ransacked office from the near future. The manager has been killed when the place was raided and is left slumped in his chair. The offending bad guys were after information and the scene should show this. They didn’t come through the door opting for a more unusual method of entry and no body heard the attack as it is after office hours.

I'm loving the brief its right up my street, they said the future had to be very near so there was plenty of material recognizable to someone from today which instantly made me think of Children Of Men, so I sat down and watched that bloody masterpiece before I started.

I'm definitely happy with where its going colours are beginning to sit nicely and the window view over the city and hover cars has been a real triumph. I just need to ramp up the detail in the rest of the room and include my dead corporate. The big white screen will have a graph with tumbling share prices shown on it and loads of un-received messages awaiting my unfortunate soul who will soon be occupying the chair. A holographic display will also grace the man’s desk, along with some kind of data mainframe on the right hand side next to the door

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